Installing fibre and high-speed broadband to homes and business in your area

Enjoy the benefits of speedy and stable internet connection with our affordable high-speed broadband and fibre products. Experience a faster, more reliable connection, improved security, and more when you rely on our expertise for all your home and business requirements.
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About US

3xCom is partnered with service providers that offer high-speed fibre connectivity products for homes within South Africa. FTTH stands for fibre To the Home, they specialise in bringing internet, digital television and telephone services to residences using fibre optic cables.

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We have also built Fibre Network Infrastructure for:

  • Dark Fibre Africa (DFA) – which is one of the
  • major, open access fibre companies in South Africa.
  • Vodacom (FTTH and FTTB)
  • The Gauteng Provincial Government – GPG
  • Projects

How we do it

3xCom will send a representative to perform a survey on how the fibre will be provisioned at the property. During the survey, 3xCom will determine the least disruptive route and will focus on using existing conduits where available.

Don’t have Fibre internet in your area?

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Indicate your interest in getting a fibre internet installed at your home if you live in one of the following areas (click on the relevant area):

  • Meredale
  • Kibler Park
  • Naturena
  • Olifantsvlei
  • Chrisville
  • Secunda

Not in any of the above areas?
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We deploy our network suburb by suburb,
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Once your suburb has qualified, we deploy aerial or buried infrastructure.



Once the fibre is ready and you have selected your package. We will connect you.

Benefits of turning your home into a smart home:

Better Speeds

  • Fibre is 250 times faster than today’s basic broadband. Future-proof your home with fibre that supports a host of new and future digital services.

Improved Security

  • IP CCTV can be effectively used, ensuring your instant connectivity globally which always improves safety.

Enhanced entertainment

  • Download the latest movies, series, HD TV shows, games and music in no time or stream TV over the internet. High speed online gaming. Download HD films in under 10 minutes!

Remote working/ Business Management

  • Work hassle-free from home. Fibre upload and download speeds are significantly more advanced than ADSL. No more long waiting times to upload or send bulky files.
  • Video conferencing becomes a breeze without disruptions.
  • FTTH will increase the desirability of your home for the rental & buying market.
  • Reduce your phone bill and Satellite TV costs.
  • With fast connectivity, making VPN/ calls locally and internationally from your home is cheaper with crystal clear quality.

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